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I hold a certificate in College Teaching from the University of Colorado and have taught and designed theatre curriculum for The University of the Virgin Islands, The University of Colorado at Boulder, and the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design over the past eight years.

My classes are student-centered with a focus on inclusivity, process and discovery, and I advocate for student growth through detailed feedback and the creation of class community. I have had the privilege of working with students from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

In the performance classroom, I employ both improvisational and physical theatre techniques, as well as traditional methodology and script-analysis. This allows the student actor an extensive training vocabulary and optimum availability in performance. My academic coursework centers on theatre’s unique ability to empower society through its empathetic view, its critical engagement with history, and questioning of the status quo.

I feel that the theatre classroom should be dynamic and inviting, and I hold a high standard of excellence for all of my students, who meet these goals with inventiveness, rigor and clarity. Theatre is also an inherently inclusive art form and encourages empathy among its audience and participants, which I encourage in the classroom through the fostering of dialogue and community. In this way, my classroom is a safe haven for discussion, experimentation and refinement.