I am a US and Canadian artist/scholar with an emphasis in physical, classical, and Stella Adler-based theatre, and am conservatory trained through the Experimental Theate Wing at NYU, including under 6-Viewpoints founder Mary Overlie, and the Royal Academy in London. My creative/academic research explores non-traditional narrative with a specific interest in movement composition and media. At the same time, I advocate for dramaturgical integrity through script-analysis and the authenticity of actor-performance. I also have experience in new play development and traditional Stanislavsky-based works, including the works of Chekhov.  I am also an award-winning director in devised work and a professional dramaturg, as well as recognized playwright. As a scholar, my work focuses on the praxis of performance and research, and has been published in peer-review. My forthcoming book project, Field of Mars Revisited: The Immersive Theatre of GAle GAtes (Routledge) focuses on experimental theatre company, GAle GAtes, who scholar Dr. Marvin Carlson credits as “the true innovator” of the contemporary immersive movement. 

My passions are contemporary performance and acting pedagogy.  I also advocate for the integration of teaching, research, and practice. For example, my original acting exercise in Bloomsbury anthology, How To Teach A Play, is derived from an exercise I developed while teaching Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone, and my contribution to Routledge anthology Physical Dramaturgy was first developed while in attendance at a faculty Viewpoints retreat workshop.  I have also taught original Master class exercises for ATHE, often built out of discoveries found in the rehearsal hall and integrated into the classroom, such as from my direction of Sam Shepard and Patty Smith’s Cowboy Mouth. I most recently presented on GAle GAtes at the Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium, where I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with ERS.