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Fall 2007 Acting for Non-Majors

“A good positive attitude to all students!”
“Daniella is awesome. She loves acting and theatre and excites the class as a whole by using fun techniques!”

Spring 2008 Acting for Non-Majors

“I developed a more heightened sense of what goes on in scene-work – movies and plays. This class made me wish I would have tried out for plays during my undergraduate years.”
“I really enjoyed this class and felt Daniella did an excellent job giving direction. It really increased my interest in acting.”

Fall 2008 Acting for Majors

“Great class!”
“I loved your class! It was fun and felt like I really grew as an actress! You are a fabulous director and teacher and great to workshop with!”

Spring 2009 Acting for Non-majors

“I am not a theatre major but I loved the class. It got me up talking in front of other people and out of my shell. She did a great job.”
“Awesome class!!!” “FUN CLASS!!”
“Very respectful of every student”

Spring 2011 Acting for Non-majors

“Challenging class but I learned a lot about acting!”
“I really enjoyed this class. I had a great time!”

Spring 2010 Introduction to Theatre

“Daniella Vinitski is very good at encouraging interest in theatre because she is extremely enthused with the subject and art form. She knows theatre very well and tries hard to convey this knowledge to us. Great! Teacher!”
“Daniella is VERY passionate. Great teacher!”
“She was such a fun and intelligent teacher!”
“Vinitski was a great teacher who got me interested in theatre.”
“Daniella was so passionate about this subject that it was very hard not to get excited about the material. I very much enjoyed my time in her class!”
“Daniella is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and her work, and is good at motivating students. I really enjoyed her as a teacher.”
“Awesome class. I enjoyed this class a lot and would definitely take this instructor again. She is always understanding in situations, and always helpful.”
“Daniella is an awesome teacher! I absolutely loved learning from her.”
“Daniella did a really good job of making the class interesting. I also appreciate the fact that she understood the fact that none of us knew much about theatre and she did her best to help us understand.”
“Daniella is a pleasant teacher who enjoys her work and positively encourages her students in enjoyment and support of their work.”
“She’s great.”
“Great job teaching! Fun and interesting class!”
“I had a wonderful time in this class. Daniella is an amazing teacher with such a strong insight into theater. She is very good at expressing the importance of theater. I loved this course and she is one of my top teachers. Very fair straightforward class. Cheers to a great year!”
“Great job in class structure. You made a mandatory Art and Sciences elective an actually fun class!”

Spring 2010 Introduction to Theatre (Continued)

“Effective teaching strategies and encouragement in learning the material.”
“Your enthusiasm for theatre made this class much more exciting and interesting. I loved how much you took the students opinions into account. Wish we had more than one day discussion for each play. A smaller class size would be more conducive to this. Good teacher overall. Thanks!”
“Loved the class! Thanks for the semester!”
“Fair grader, really took the time to know the class, and clearly loved her subject which rubbed off on us.”
“Very passionate, which makes coming to class a joy!”
“Enjoyed lectures, thanks! Encouraging in theatre.”
“Great! Thanks! I learned a lot.”
“Great teacher.”
“Thanks for a great semester and exposing me to theatre I would not have gone to before!”
“Thanks for a fun class!”
“Very enthusiastic and passionate about theatre. Cared for students and their needs and concerns. Enjoyed the class. Thanks.”
“Thank you – I really enjoyed the class.”
“Classes were engaging and fun. Your energy and love for theatre made the class very enjoyable. Great class overall.”
“Very good and obviously knows what she is talking about.”
“I really enjoyed this course. I thought the instructor’s obvious passion for theatre helped make it enjoyable. I enjoyed this course and the instructor.”

Fall 2011 Introduction to Theatre

“Very understanding. I am an awful writer and followed her guidelines to a “T” and received the best paper grades of my life. She covers material effectively.”
“Daniella clearly loves the subject she teaches which is refreshing. “
“An interesting instructor who makes the class worth coming to as well as flexible and understanding of students.”
“Informative and enjoyable class.”
“She was dynamic and well-versed in course subjects. She greatly helped me.”

Fall 2011 Excerpt Class Observation Notes (Professor Oliver Gerland)

“Daniella is fluent, nice, reaches out to students.”
“Daniella is very articulate, talk comes very easily and she takes off from student comments very nicely. Asks questions, receives replies, and takes off from student comments. Constantly asking students to ‘reflect back.’”
“She is warm, patient, encouraging, supportive. She speaks passionately and clearly. Solid class, lots of material.”
“Gracious and fluent lecturer, good slides and used a number of different strategies to induce conversation.”