Research Statement

As a theatre researcher, I am interested in experimental and contemporary theatre, as well as physical theatre pedagogy.  I have presented and been invited for participation at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival American Play Cycle Conference,  CUNY Graduate Student Conference, the Mid-American Theatre Conference, Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium, and The University of Colorado Cross-Disciplinary Conference.  My work has been published by peer-reviewed periodicals such as The International Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media (IJPADM) and Ecumenica Journal, as well as edited volume, Emergency INDEX.

My scholarship frequently bridges feminism and theatre pedagogy, utilizing ensemble process and dialogue towards authenticity in performance.   For example, my exercise “Image in Action,” presented at the 2009 Breaking Boundaries New York ATHE Conference is a physical-based character exercise that involves active ensemble participation and deep listening on the part of the actor.  My other work, “Interdisciplinary Performance and Dramaturgy: Pedagogical Example,“ was accepted for 2013 publication with the International Journal of Performance Art and Digital Media (IJPADM) and explores the devised process through a guided dramaturgical structure.  As a scholar, I further advocate for a deepened awareness of and sensitivity towards the feminist and post-colonial lens in all research and practicum.

My primary ongoing interests as a theatre artist/scholar are: dramaturgical integrity, as supported by script-analysis and contextualization; authenticity in performance and the precision of character; and alternative dramaturgies, such as but not limited to: the Theatre of Images and dance-movement-theatre, and the specific use of movement as somatic text, such as with Butoh and other physical-theatre methods.   To this end, I advocate for the intersection of practicum and research.

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